Made in Elizabethtown: Summit Polymers

Elizabethtown and Hardin County are home to numerous manufacturers that are innovative industry leaders as well as vital contributors to our region’s economy. Elizabethtown-Hardin County Industrial Foundation’s Made in Elizabethtown feature provides an opportunity to recognize these manufacturers and increase awareness of the products produced right here in the Elizabethtown-Hardin County region.

You won’t have to go far to find products manufactured by Summit Polymers – only as far as your driveway in some instances. With product capabilities that encompass a full array of automotive interior systems including consoles, instrument panels, console components, door panels and more, Summit Polymers is a leading automotive supplier of kinetic and decorative systems.

Family owned and operated since its establishment in 1972, the organization has grown into an award-winning global automotive supplier. Supplying products for vehicles such as Ford’s Escape, Expedition and F-250 models, Summit Polymer’s Elizabethtown facility ships roughly 695,000 components per month to its customers. Additional automotive customers receiving components from Elizabethtown’s facility include Nissan and Lincoln, among others.

Summit Polymer’s Elizabethtown facility, located on West Park Road, was established in 1999, is one of 10 facilities, and employs over 200 individuals in our community. With roughly 185,000 square-feet (including a recent 27,000 square-feet expansion), the facility is a perfect example of modern advanced manufacturing.

At Elizabethtown-Hardin County Industrial Foundation, we’re proud to recognize Summit Polymers as a member of our thriving industrial community. To learn more about the organization or to view a listing of current career opportunities, please visit